Robbery in CID Producer’s Home; Cash Worth 12 lakh goes Missing

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Robbery in CID Producer’s Home; Cash Worth 12 lakh goes Missing



Here’s a crime too big for hit TV show CID’s team to solve: a burglary at the home of their producer Pradeep Uppoor. An FIR was registered at the Juhu police station on Friday after his home in the Silver Beach Apartment was robbed of belongings worth Rs 12 lakh.

According to a report in a leading tabloid, the family got to know about the burglary when Pradeep’s wife Veena realized that cash and jewellery are missing. Then, she went and complained about the theft. In the same building where all this happened, celebs like Mahesh Bhatt also reside.

Sources told the tabloid, “The complaint was received on Friday night after the complainant found that the cupboards of the flat had been opened. Getting suspicious, she checked her belongings and found that cash and jewellery had been stolen. The police were informed that Rs 9 lakh in cash was missing from the house, and ornaments worth over Rs 3 lakh were also missing.”

The sources also told, “The suspect could have used the bamboos to climb to the upper floors and break into the sixth floor flat to conduct the theft.” However, the building has multiple CCTV cameras. A police official from Juhu police said, “We have been scanning the CCTV footage of the premises to find clues regarding the incident.”

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