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‘Rum’ is Getting Ready with high-end CG Effects

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‘Rum’ is Getting Ready with high-end CG Effects
‘Rum’ is Getting Ready with high-end CG Effects

Do you remember the innocent brother of Dhanush in Velaiyilla PattathariVIP (Raghuvaran B.tech in Telugu)? His name is Hrishikesh. He is turning as an independent hero with a horror film ‘Rum’. It is being written and directed by a debutant film maker Sai Bharath. Sanchita Shetty, Vivekh, Narein, Miya George and Amzath Khan will be seen in key roles.

This is different from the other horror films releasing in this season says the director Sai Bharath. This is going to be a heist-horror — the first of its kind in Tamil cinema, he says. They are using high end graphics for the film.

Sendil B, who has done the visual effects for the film, says, ‘We are using high-end CG work for the film. Normal movies run in 24 frames per second, but for this project we have use HFR (High Frame Rate), in which it runs in 48 frames per second. In 24 frames module, there is a bit of motion blur and it tends to flicker. But in this, the frames will be sharp and clear. It is closer to what we see with our human eye. We are planning to release a two-minute trailer soon.

Sounds fascinating, doesn’t it? Let’s wait for the trailer.

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