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Russia warned by US for supporting Syrian government

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was  warned by US Secretary of State John Kerry regarding the continued support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad which could risk  exacerbating and extending the conflict in the country. On Tuesday, Kerry on his third phone call to Lavrov in the last 10 days has made the comments as was told by one of the officials from the US State Department asking to clarify as to why Russia is building up military in Syria. Russian President Vladimir Putin defended his military assistance to Assad’s government stating that it would not be possible to defeat the IS of Iraq and Levant without cooperating with Damascus and urged other countries to join the cause. After this statement made by the Russian President, the call from Kerry came shortly.

It was reported by the State Department on Tuesday that Kerry also  reaffirmed the US commitment to fight ISIL with a coalition of more than 60 countries, of which Assad could never be a credible member, and emphasised the US would welcome a constructive Russian role in counter-ISIL efforts. Moreover, the secretary also stressed on the fact that there is no  military solution to the overall conflict in Syria, which can only be resolved by a political transition away from Assad.”



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