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Saif’s movies banned forever in Pakistan

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In a recent news, reports of Saif Ali Khan’s upcoming film ‘Phantom’ has been completely banned from releasing in Pakistan as the censor board passed a verdict saying that the movie is inappropriate to be screened in Pakistan. The movie has been directed by Kabir Khan and Katrina Kaif is the leading actress in the film.

During the promotions of his film, when asked about the banning of ‘Phantom’ in Pakistan, he said that he does not have faith in Pakistan in general and does not understand their thought process as well. He also admitted that he has no problem wit Pakistan and wont make films against the country but still his movie has been banned.

“We have always shared a very complicated relationship. If you tell uncomfortable truths, films gets banned. We keep banning each other’s films.” This statement has made Pakistan censor board to ban his films forever in Pakistan.

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