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Salman Khan beefs up double for ‘Sultan’

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Salman Khan recently claimed in an interview that  his fans will get to see him double the size for his upcoming flick ‘Sultan.’ The actor is anyways known to have the best body in the industry however he is  working very hard on his body building and wrestling moves to beef up double his size for ‘Sultan’. Salman was quoted as saying, “Audiences will see me in double size. My training for Sultan has started, so I need to get bigger and fitter for the role.”

The movie is a full on action entertainer as Salman would play the role of a wrestler.  When asked if wrestling themed movies work in India, Salman was quoted as saying, “If it has to work it will work and if it doesn’t have to work, it will not. Our job is to do our best, our job is to work, publicise it as much as we can, and hope fans really enjoy the film. After that, it is up to the fans that they go and watch it if like it or not.” One more interesting fact about the movie is that Salman would play the role of a father in ‘Sultan’ for the second time in his career. The first was in ‘Jab Pyaar Kisise Hota Hai’, in which the child was a baby. In Sultan, Salman would be seen as the father of a young man, as the story progresses, he’s shown as being older.

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