“Salman Khan” Fight on Sonu Nigam

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Bollywood power full Planet:Salman Khan reportedly recently had a tiff with singer, Sonu Nigam. If a report on  is to be believed then Salman Khan, who was one of the top stars attending the event held by T-Series, hosted by Sonu Nigam, took digs at the singer when he was invited to the stage. The report states that the Bajrangi Bhaijaan seemed to be enjoying himself throughout the evening, humming songs to himself. However, things reportedly took a turn for the worst when the superstar was called on the stage. Apparently, Salman claimed that he did not need a playback singer to croon for him in the movies. A source has been quoted in the report as saying that Sonu looked visibly upset with Salman’s comments. He further asserted that Salman was adamant to prove that singers have a very easy job to do and that he even went on to say that he has a decent voice that can be bettered with technology and made to sound good. The source adds that Bhai then boasted that he wouldn’t need a Sonu Nigam or anyone else to croon for him. Apparently, a fun segment was slated to be shot with the two of them in it but following the spat, it was cancelled.

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