Samantha lifts up a loaded bare-ball of 102.25 kgs – Movie Mint

Samantha lifts up a loaded bare-ball of 102.25 kgs

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Trending online, with over 23,34,298 views (at the time of print) is a video which has the actress Samantha doing a ‘deadlift’ —  a weight-training exercise where you lift a loaded barbell off the ground to the hips, then lower it back to the ground from a standing position. She lifted an epic ( 102.25 kilos) — almost double her body weight.Even as fans are going crazy about “steel woman”, Samantha’s trainer, Kunal Gir, says that this is not for all.With her video, Samantha breaks a myth that is usually associated with women and weight training.“Many feel that if women take up weight training, they will become muscular and manly. But that’s just wrong. Look at Sam, she doesn’t look any different and still looks feminine, but her body has gotten much stronger and toned,” adds Kunal.

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