Samantha upset: Settling down doesn’t mean getting married

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The lucky lady is totally upset with what media writes over her statements. Right now she is enjoying the success of ‘24’ and busy participating in the promotions of ‘Brahmotsavam’ and ‘A Aa’.
During a recent talk with a newspaper, she said ‘I am busy shooting for ‘Janatha Garage’ and Dhanush’s next Tamil film. Didn’t sign anything new after that since I wanted to take a break’. Now the whole set of news channels and websites started rolling eyes over that statement and started assuming that she is getting married.
The heroine doesn’t seem to be happy with this spreading of conclusions. She tweeted this.
“Wohhhh my god !! Taking things slow does not equal QUITTING!! And want to settle down does not equal getting married tomorrow”
Well, can’t deny the fact that she is restlessly working for the last 8 months and what’s wrong in taking a little break from work?