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Sandhya Raju’s “Natyam” Short film Official Audio

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Sandhya Raju Natyam Short film Music
The first few minutes of Natyam take us into the day-to-day life of Kalyani (Sandhya Raju). She lives in a tastefully done up house and does things one normally expects a married woman to do — cooking, tending to the needs of her school-going boy, her elderly in-laws and her husband, a cardiologist, who has little time to spare. She doesn’t grumble, not even when her husband tells her he won’t be able to make it to their son’s school function. But there’s something amiss in her.

Kalyani remains distant from her surroundings and goes about her life mechanically. In the time she gets to be alone and collect her thoughts, she writes something that she never posts. She reaches the post box only to retrace her steps. Several attempts later, she musters courage to post letters to her dad.

Revanth Korukonda’s 34.06-minute short film addresses the need for every woman to re-discover her little joys, nurture a passion, a hobby… that gets buried in the surmounting responsibilities. Here, we get a back story of what made Kalyani forgo her training in music and dance. A jolt from the past puts her back on track. She finds joy in dance and stretches herself to fulfil all her commitments. Motivation comes from everyone around, including her husband who has never seen her for what she is.

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