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Sanghavi’s Come Back

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Actress, Sanghavi’s come back
Actress, Sanghavi’s come back

Yester year’s actress Sanghavi is coming back to Tamil Films. She got married to a Bangalore based businessman recently and as he has been supportive, she is wearing makeup again.

She has signed ‘Kollanji’, directed by Naveen. It is a story of a 12-year old boy who wants to live life on his own terms and his father who wants to raise his kid with discipline. It is an emotional drama that takes place in a middle class family. Sanghavi is playing the boy’s mother in the film. The film which has Rajaji as the key role, also have a newcomer Nena Sarvar, Kribakaran. Nasath, Rajin.M,’Pichaikkaran’ Moorthy, Rujil Krishna in other roles.

She said she is aware of the fact that she wouldn’t get any lead role but she would like to play some interesting supporting roles like Ramyakrishna and some others. Let’s see if this come back can make her busy.

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