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Sanjjanaa Sweat and Blood to the Song in Kabira

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Sanjjanaa Sweat and Blood to the Song in Kabira
Sanjjanaa Sweat and Blood to the Song in Kabira

Sanjjanaa Galrani, the glamorous actress, is a part of the period film, Santheyalli NintaKabira“, featured by Shiva Rajkumar and “ Sanusha.” Sanjjanaa says that she is lucky enough to share the screen space with the Hat-trick star Shiva.

Sanjjanaa Latest MovieBefore a few years, she did an item number in “ Mylari”. which did wonders for my career. This time, as Kabira is set to hit theatres, I am also looking at several of my other films being released soon back-to-back. So, that’s a good sign,” says the actress.

The song, Naavu Premada Huchcharu, has been composed by Ismail Darbar, the actress’s favourite music director, which made it all the more important for her to take it up. “It is an artiste’s good fortune to have a song that rests almost entirely on that person’s shoulders and I got that with the added bonus that Ismailji composed it.”

Shooting for it, though, was not cakewalk. “I am a proficient Western dancer, but this song, choreographed by Chinni Prakash, was a complete Kathak number, which was a challenge. Some Kathak movements are such that your legs are gently dragged along the floor at three different angles. This is normally done on a carpeted or smooth flooring. But when I came to the set of the song, I was in for a shock, because I had to perform on a hard cement floor. Initially, I and the other dancers managed by tying crepe bandages around our legs, especially for the close-up shots, but that wasn’t an option all the time, and eventually, over the five days that we shot for the song, my feet and knees were bleeding. I have literally given my sweat and blood to the song,”

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