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Sarath Kumar is as fit as hitting the Gym: Radhika

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Radhika Talked about Sarath Kumar's Health Condition
Radhika Talked about Sarath Kumar’s Health Condition

Since the last 2 days, there were speculations in town that Tamil Actor, Politician Sarath Kumar is hospitalized and his condition is serious. It went a little too far that people started making up their own stories about his health condition. So, his wife, actress and producer Radhika Sarath Kumar put an end to all the rumors and tweeted about his health condition. She said that he had a minute food poisoning and muscle spasm. He took medication and now is perfectly fine and in fact he did hit the gym already. She even added the video where Sarath Kumar is working out in the inspection of his trainer.

The former Body Builder was doing pushups in the video and looked as dashing as ever. Did we tell you that Sarath Kumar is playing Delhi Sultan, Sikandar Lodi in Shiva Rajkumar’s Santheyalli Nintha Kabira? It is a Kannada Period-Bio Pic-Drama based on Mystic Poet and Saint, Sant Kabir.