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‘Sardaar Gabbar Singh’ may be delayed due to ego clashes

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There have been disturbances in the Creative department between director Sampath Nandi and Pawan Kalyan that resulted in a halt of  shoot for ‘Sardaar Gabbar Singh’ for a long time and it is a known fact that the director walked out of the project and director Bobby came on board.  But the discrepancies still  continue to cause glitches in the project. Some time back, heroine Anisha Ambrose was replaced by Kajal Aggarwal and few of the principle cast and crew were also adjusted.

The latest we hear is that  after finishing couple of schedules, cinematographer of the film, Jayanan Vincent walked out of the film due to ego clashes . According to the reports,  there was an ego clash between director Bobby and the senior cinematographer during the third schedule of the film. Pawan Kalyan was supposed to sort out the issue between them but did not want to poke his nose in to the matter and Bobby comfortably roped in Arthur A Wilson to shoot the rest of the film.  This change in one of the important crew members has caused further  delay in the shooting schedules, which in turn might delay the release of the film in January.

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