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Secret and Evil world of the ” Darknet”

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the secret and evil world of the darknet
the secret and evil world of the darknet

Technology was invented for the well being of humanity and to make the world accessible to various errands and most importantly for connecting and communicating effortlessly.But who would have thought the same useful technology could be used for various illicit and hideous acts.

Apart from various websites and social networking applications available via internet, there is a whole new, dark and dreadful world called ” Darknet”. Several videos and clips of women tormenting pet animals while having sex, lethal weapons being sold at cheaper price, bevy of people offering atrocious services like rape and murder, all this and much more is what makes the Darknet, a spooky part of the internet. Darknet cannot be accessed or seen easily through search engines like Google or Bing. It is so intricate that the most intelligent agencies on this planet cannot find about its whereabouts. The Dark Web was first exposed in 2013 by FBI who investigated and discovered Silk Road, one of the Darknet websites that made selling and buying recreational drugs easily accessible. This website made more than 8 million US dollars just in a single month.

Indian cyber security officials claim that terrorists, gangsters, drug-lords and criminals in the country could be having access to such abhorrent sites already through which they carry out their evil plans and activities. The worst part is that the law enforcement and other security agencies do not know or do not have any information on how to hunt or track such activities. It is also thought that one cannot find out any info about it unless you are a part of it.

Another important fact is that, out of the 857 porn websites that were recently banned  in India by the government include 8 Darknet websites which is evident through the URL’s like Agora Market, a replica of Silk Road.

Most of the websites on the Darknet conceal their tracks by using Tor, short form for”The Onion Router”. Those who browse the Darknet can conceal their tracks using the Tor browser. Most importantly these websites change their IP address every 12 hours.

Astonishingly, our country has not yet opened it’s eyes to the existence and reality of the Darknet. We are still far behind in terms of law and its enforcement. Time for India to ruffle it’s feathers to refurbish tools and sharpen our law enforcement agencies to take up this new remonstrance.

By G.Gayatri(Haritha)

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