See who is Going to Give Voice for “The BFG” in Telugu and Tamil

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See who is Going to Give Voice for "The BFG"
See who is Going to Give Voice for “The BFG”

The new Disney film ‘The BFG’ (The Big Friendly Giant) is getting ready for its release worldwide on July 1st. Steven Spielberg directed this American fantasy adventure. Now along with the original version, every Disney film gets releases a dubbed version in the local languages too.

The film is all about an elderly Giant who, despite his intimidating outlook, turns out to be a kindhearted one who is considered an outcast by the other giants because, unlike them, he refuses to eat children. We have many actors who are famous for their amazing voices. Now take a guess who is going to lend their voice for the Big Giant?

Jagapathi Babu, The BFG
Jagapathi Babu, The BFG

It’s none other than Jagapathi Babu. His deep-throat voice is an advantage for him to dub for the Mark Rylance’s role in ‘The BFG’.

It is almost never comes into out notice who is dubbing for the Disney movie characters here. But in Hollywood, they take it as a pride to dub for a Disney film. Jagapathi Babu is already doing a lot of South Indian films in different languages. Hope Jaggu Bhai makes it huge.

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