Sex in speeding car kills driver as he hits truck

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young couple’s sexual adventure in a speeding car ended in tragedy after the man lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a truck, leaving him dead on the spot. His girlfriend is recuperating in hospital with severe injuries on her head and a broken leg.

The man, 31, from Puranpur had gone to Pilibhit to pick up his lover, 24, from Pilibhit. They then hit the Pilibhit-Puranpur highway. Police, who said the fact that it was already dark — the accident happenedon Monday night.

“Probably the couple was having sex in the moving car and either didn’t see the truck coming from the other side or couldn’t drive past it. The driver lost his life immediately after the accident due to grave injuries. The girl, who has a deep gash on her head and a fractured leg, is out of danger.”

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