Sexual Abuse of a Minor, Brother and Father Have Made

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Sivaganga district of Tamil Nadu, a sub-inspector in charge of rape of a minor girl and three other people have been arrested. Victim on some IPS officers accused of sexual harassment.

Victim’s lawyer filed a petition in court Wednesday CBI inquiry to. Three others arrested in the case and the girl’s brother’s friend in an auto-rickshaw driver included.
The Times of India reports that, when the 17-year-old victim disclosed the sensational case before the judicial magistrate filed a statement and revealed the names of several senior police officers. The petition is filed in court that the woman has registered a complaint at the police station, which has been weakened by the currents and the case is being tried to suppress.

Please tell the complaint on June 4, was lodged by a neighbor woman Child Helpline. The court granted the petition also stated that the victim with his own father, brother, relative, friend, lawyer, policeman, auto drivers and even bus conductor several times in the past three years rape has. The victim was also held two miscarriages.

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