Shah Rukh Khan visits Salman Khan on the sets of Sultan

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Shah Rukh Khan made a Surprise visit to Salman Khan’s set to meet the actor and exchange pleasantries. This is the first time SRK has broken the norm and actually visited the actor who is shooting for Ali Abbas’s Sultan at Filmcity. Salman and Anushka are shooting a song in Sultan choreographed by Farah Khan. Here’s how the Salman – SRK meeting happened!

Shah Rukh Khan was shooting for Raees while Salman Khan was shooting for Sultan next door. When Shah Rukh Khan learned about this, he paid a visit on the sets. The two hugged and were usual self, cracking jokes, laughing off and taking about their own memories. The best part was Salman Khan shared how much he loved Fan’s trailer and even showed Shah Rukh Khan few scenes of Sultan. Shah Rukh Khan totally loved the Sultan scenes.

Recently there were reports suggested that Salman’s Sultan teaser will be attached to SRK’s Fan. With both Salman and Shah Rukh supporting and promoting each other’s films it is only a matter of time before they make a cameo in each others projects. Their friendly banter on social media and open support for each others work might make the game tough for competition. After all the two Khans combined power is something to reckon with, right? And even though SRK paid a friendly visit to Salman, it is interesting to note that their Eid box office clash is still happening with Sultan and Raees releasing on the same day!

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