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Sharukh to follow Rajinikanth regarding what ?

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Shah Rukh Khan was bowled over with Rajinikanth’s ‘ ROBOT’ (ENTHIRAN in Tamil– 2010) and had decided to produce a similar Sc-Fi film, which he did with RA.ONE (2011). However despite a more expensive budget, an equally hi-fi special effects and multi star cast .RA.ONE failed to achieve even 10% of what Rajinikanth’s ROBOT did!What is surprising is that to get his movie the ‘Midas Touch’ Shah Rukh Khan had even requested the ‘Thalivar’ Rajinikanth to do a cameo in RA.ONE, which he obliged.

Tragically even Rajinikanth’s special appearance could not save the film from drowning. Though Shah Rukh Khan had intentionally ended RA.ONE with an open end climax so that he could easily launch its sequel but regrettably the disastrous debacle of the film at the box-office clipped all his wings to produce a sequel. However now the buzz is that Shah Rukh Khan has expressed his desire to make the sequel of RA.ONE and has even decided to name it G.ONE!

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