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Shocking video: Hyderabad Boys Burn Three Puppies alive

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Shocking video: Hyderabad Boys Burn Three Puppies alive
Shocking video: Hyderabad Boys Burn Three Puppies alive

In Hyderabad, two videos have emerged of dogs being killed in most cruel ways.

The attack on dogs took place at a graveyard. Three puppies were allegedly burnt alive by a group of youngsters, one of whom recorded the gruesome act, police said on Wednesday.

The dastardly attack on the dogs took place at a graveyard in Musheerabad area on July 16 afternoon and came to light on Tuesday when a video of the incident went viral on social media.

A group of youngsters caught three stray puppies and tied them together. They then dragged the hapless animals to some distance and put them into a fire made out of jute bags and dry sticks, Shreya Paropkari, an animal rights activist, said in a complaint filed with Musheerabad Police yesterday.

“One of the perpetrators recorded the entire incident and is heard instructing and instigating the others to set them on fire. The recordings were recovered from a fish stall owner in Musheerabad,” Shreya said in the complaint.

Later in the day, another video of animal cruelty surfaced on social media in which a man is seen shooting dogs with an airgun. While one of the dogs scurries away, squealing in pain, another dog collapses to the ground after being shot.

Police said they have registered a case. “We have started investigating. It is a very sad incident. We will definitely ensure the culprits are punished for such a horrendous act,” Ravi Kumar Reddy, a police officer, said.

The latest incident comes weeks after two medical students, Gautam Sudharshan and Ashish Pal threw a dog from the rooftop of a building in Chennai. While the dog was found alive, the two students were arrested and released on bail. The dog they tortured survived her fall with a fracture to her hind leg and is being cared for now by an animal shelter.

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