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Shraddha Das as bandit queen,Revolver Rani

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‘Guntur Talkies’, is a thrilling comedy grabber with Shraddha Das playing a very pivotal and interesting role in the movie. It is directed by National award winning director Praveen Sattaru.

The star cast includes Siddhu Jonnalagadda, Rashmi Gautham, Naresh, Vijay Krishna, Manchu Lakshmi, Mahesh Manjrekar. The director emphasizing on Sharaddha’s character said that she is playing the role of bandit queen, Revolver Rani in the film which will turn out to be a milestone in her career.

Dubbing of the movie has been done with. Currently the film is wrapping up with post production work. Music has been composed by Sri Charan and the producer of the film, Rajkumar is planning to launch it’s music in the month of September.

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