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Shraddha Romance with Nivin Pauly

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Shraddha and Nivin Pauly Tamil Movie
Shraddha and Nivin Pauly Tamil Movie

Sharddha Srinath, who played the female lead in the recent Kannada film U Turn, will be making her debut in Tamil soon. The Bengaluru girl, who had also acted in the Malayalam film Kohinoor last year, has been cast as the female lead in Nivin Pauly‘s Tamil film, which is being directed by debutant Gautham Ramachandran.

The director and the actress will be making their debut in Tamil. Reportedly, Shraddha auditioned. They had asked me to speak a few lines in Tamil. Since I did not know the language, I wasn’t doing my best. This was in February. In April, they called me again. But this time, with the help of my friends, I had managed to familiarise myself with the language and did well. Finally, director Gautham called me and asked me what I wanted to know first the good news or the bad news. I told him to give me the bad news first, and he said that I will have to brush up on my Tamil. And then, he told me the good news that I would be acting in the film.”The film is a remake of the acclaimed Kannada film Ulidavaru Kandanthe, and Shraddha says that she has only seen that film in parts. “In a way, I feel that is going to help me because I will not be influenced by the performance of the actress who had played the role in the original

Interestingly, Shraddha played a journalist in U-Turn and will play a journalist in her debut Tamil flick as well. The actress has stated that the roles are quite different.

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