Shruthi is the first star that I’ve ever directed: Kamal – Movie Mint

Shruthi is the first star that I’ve ever directed: Kamal

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Kamal Hassan about directing Shruthi Hassan
Kamal Hassan about directing Shruthi Hassan

Over my career as director, I’ve only worked with actors and Shruthi is the first star to work under my direction, said proud father Kamal Hassan. As they’ve finished the Los Angeles schedule and restlessly working to wrap rest of the portion in Chennai and other locations, the Sabaash Naidu himself took out a little time to share his experience while shooting the film.

In his own words.. ‘Thanks to my friend late R C Shakti, who made me a co-writer and director in my first film as a hero when I was 18 years old. Such experiences made me to be prepared to helm a project anytime if it is needed.  Shruthi is a star-kid but an extremely professional Artist. Not only on sets, even in real life, I never had any how-will-I-tell-her-this moments with my daughters. They have worked and learnt all. I have never directed stars before. This was a new experience. I am only used to directing actors. Shruti is both a star and an actor, to my surprise.

He is very over whelmed with the experience of directing his daughter for the first and that too in his dream comedy entertainer. He continued sharing some memories from Dasavatharam times when Shruthi was his coach to achieve right American accent.  We can’t wait to watch this comedy riot starring the most talented Father-Daughter duo on screen.

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