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Shruti Haasan’s Quick Reaction Rumours of Shruti-Gautami spat Over Costumes

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 Shruti Haasan's Quick Reaction Rumours of Shruti-Gautami spat Over Costumes

Rubbishing the reports about Shruti’s disagreements with stylist and Kamal Haasan’s long-time partner Gautami, the 30-year-old actress’s spokesperson has recently said that Shruti only added “elements from her own closet to help Gautami,” which is only legit considering the fashion diva she is.

Setting the record straight and putting an end to all the rumour mongering, Shruti’s spokesperson gave an official statement that spoke about Shruti’s clear minded approach when it came to her looks in her films. Shruti’s role in Sabaash Naidu is that of a young, feisty girl from Los Angeles. Keeping the brief in mind Gautami brought in a set of clothes for Shruti during the pre-productions stage when the look test was going on. The core team (comprising the producer, director and the actor) mutually felt that the look needed more to be added and specific feedback was shared with Gautami.

Being the professional that she is, Gautami brought in a new set of clothes which seemed to work better. Turns out that there was no ugly spat or argument on the sets between two. Infact, according to the statement, Shruti added in elements from her own closet to help Gautmai and to make the looks pop, given that she (shruti) has lived in LA herself and has a very distinctive sense of style.

In addition, sources from the industry have also confirmed about the duo’s amicable relationship and said, “Shruti and Gautami have always shared a good equation. Shruti and her dad share a very lovely and open relationship thanks to which Shruti has been very welcoming of Gautami into their little family. Gautami was present in Chennai for Shruti’s birthday bash as well and their comfortable chemistry was there for all to see.”

Rumour mills can stop being busy now!

Earlier, an online portal reported that everything is not between the 30-year-old actress and dad Kamal’s long-time partner Gautami.

Speculations were that Shruti was giving a tough time to Gautami, who was looking after the costume department for Kamal and Shruti Haasan starrer Sabaash Naidu.

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