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Siddarth’s sensible speech impresses one and all

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As we had reported earlier actor Siddharth received the NDTV Indian of the Year (2015) award. Here we bring the excerpts of the vibrant speech of this man of strong convictions.When the anchor of the vent started the conversation with a question Sid intervened and started saying what he had to say.

“I am going to ignore the NDTV question and say what I am going to say first. At the very outset I clearly am not the rightful owner of this award. I came year this evening, because I represent Chennai. Cuddalore and Kancheepuram as a faceless hero, one of those many many faceless heroes who helped the people when the floods hit us. I have been credited with creating hashtag #Chennai Micro with my friend RJ Balaji which led to one of the fastest volunteer gathering in the history of Indian disasters. And we used the social network to the best we could. We are very happy that we could at that time when we had the resources to do so. I am here today to tell you that what this has taught us is this time it took us about ten hours to get our volunteers ready. When next time this God forbade happens going by what’s happening with global warming, it’s going to happen quite periodically and to all of us. We will be prepared in a better way and we will be able to do stuffs faster. And it also gives me great happiness to tell you that Indian patriotism, Indian compassions is very much alive. ” After completing this bold and touching speech Siddharth turned to the anchor and said “now (ask) your question?” But the anchor said he has nothing to as the clear, well thought and articulated speech left room for no doubts and clarification.

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