Sofia Hayat removes her breast implants and shows it to media

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Sofia exhibiting her Breast Implants
Sofia exhibiting her Breast Implants

This British Model who said she is giving up everything and turning as a Nun put up a new show in city. Sofia Hayat arranged a press conference in Mumbai to announce why she wants to become nun and at the same gathering, she brought a pair of breast implants and showed them to the cameras.

Not just that, she started insisting people to touch them, shouting ‘who wants to touch my breasts now?’. This whole stunt is going weird day-by-day. Whatever the reason is behind her transformation as ‘Gaia Mother Sofia’, she is coming up with someone or the other gala every day.

Removing the fake implants out of her body is her call but getting them in front of media and playing with them, juggling them, and asking people to touch them is insane.

She talked about realizing her life’s purpose and her re-incarnation. She said she never had sex after July 2015 and she doesn’t feel like anymore. She even said she was a born Muslim and converted as Christian and now she is neutral for the Mother Nature.

This doesn’t look like a One day show.