Somalia’s Al-Qaeda-Shebab group attacked African Union Army – Movie Mint

Somalia’s Al-Qaeda-Shebab group attacked African Union Army

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A suicide car bomb was slammed into an African Union Army base in the early hours on Tuesday by Somalia’s Al-Qaeda-affiliated Shebab group. There were no causalities reported immediately however the rebels stated that the AMISOM troops had fled the base, situated in Janale district, 80 kilometers southwest of Mogadishu in the lower Shabele region. Burundian soldiers were thought to be manned at the base. Mohamed Shire, a Somali military commander based in the region said that there were heavy sounds of explosion and fighting broke at the base in Janale and no details are known but they heard that Al-Shebab militants attacked the base.

A local eyewitness said Shebab fighters stormed into the base. He stated that huge fighting started after a suicide bomber slammed his car into the base. local resident Ali Moalim Yusuf said that the fighters chanted ‘Allahu Akbar’ loudly and started attacking the base.



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