Sonakshi Sinha on nepotism: If Doctors’ Kids can Become Doctors, Why Judge Actors?

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Sonakshi Sinha on nepotism: If Doctors’ Kids can Become Doctors, Why Judge Actors?



Actor Sonakshi Sinha has something to say to all those who point fingers at star kids with the belief that they have it easy in the film industry. “If a doctor’s child wants to become a doctor, nobody has an issue with it. It’s the same when a lawyer’s child becomes a lawyer, but if an actor’s child wants to become an actor, everyone has a problem with it. I don’t understand that,” says Sonakshi.

This ever-existing debate was last fuelled by Kangana Ranaut when she called filmmaker Karan Johar the “flag bearer of nepotism” in Bollywood.

Sonakshi asserts that being born and brought up in a film family cannot assure any actor’s future. “Even if you are born in a film family, what is the maximum that you will get… a first meeting or a first film? Beyond that it is your talent, hard work and perseverance that will take you forward. If people fail to see that in you, nobody will give you work,” she says.

What’s Sonakshi’s view on the Kangana-Karan spat? KJo had retorted Kangy’s words, saying that if she has so many problems with the industry, then she should leave it. “I have no interest in getting into a conversation between two people. It’s none of my business … The debate on star kids getting leverage is back because a conversation between two people has been pushed to no bounds,” says the 29-year-old, who is known to speak her mind on issues related to the film industry, and has a strong fan following among the youth.

“I feel empowered, lucky and blessed that I am in the position where people sit up, take notice of what I have to say. When I do need a break, I take it. I go away and travel. I just break away from it all when I feel I need to but when I get back I know that I have come back stronger and ever more rejuvenated. But I just feel that if I have been put in this position by the people, I should not take it for granted and I should appreciate it and I really do,” says Sonakshi.

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