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Sonam Kapoor was Offered ‘Baahubali’?

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Sonam Kapoor was Offered ‘Baahubali’?
Sonam Kapoor was Offered ‘Baahubali’?

Baahubali took the nation by storm upon its release last year and was one of the biggest hits of 2015. The makers are already planning a sequel to the much-loved drama. Now, we have stumbled upon something interesting about the blockbuster. Believe it or not, Sonam Kapoor was offered ‘Baahubali’. In a recent chat with Neha Dhupia, the actress was asked to review the film. It was at this point that Sonam admitted that she hadn’t seen the movie but quickly added that she had heard the script as she had been offered the movie. You wonder why she didn’t give her nod to the project? That’s something only she can tell.

After this revelation, everyone wonder how could Sonam Kapoor let go of such once in a lifetime opportunity? She could not have gauged the potential of the subject or she was not familiar with the work of ace filmmaker SS Rajamouli, or she wouldn’t have rejected to be part of the biggest motion picture of the country. Another reason might be her hesitation to allot bulk dates.

Sonam Kapoor offered Baahubali or that she didn’t do it. We really hope it wasn’t a choice she made. But looks like Sonam’s loss has turned to be the biggest gain for all the actresses in the film. To think about it, that film turned around Tamannaah’s career( If at all it was her role Sonam was offered.

Sonam however didn’t reveal which character she was offered. No wonder it would have been either one of the roles essayed by Anushka or Tamannaah, most probably Tamannah’s role. We must admit that Sonam got unlucky.

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