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Shreedevi Chowdary

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Presenting the illustrious and imperial socialite of the regnant city of Hyderabad, Shreedevi Chowdary who has galvanized her self-titled fashion label with the exclusive imagery of ‘Her Royal Highness’ (HRH). She has cheerfully been breaking through social barriers or, more accurately, adroitly navigating her way around them  for the better part of over a decade. Shreedevi has established herself firmly in the inner circle of  Hyderabad society. 

Shreedevi creates magic in both colloquial senses: She generates media buzz but also has earned the ire of a small but powerful coterie of society purists. They call her “the Flower From the Bronx”. Shreedevi is a remarkable woman who lives life on her own terms and with ardor that has a purpose with tenuity. She is an epitome  of  pulchritude and winsomeness. As a personification of flamboyance and swagger, she has waggled the fashion industry with finesse . This fashionista is sure to expanse her dexterity in fashion in the coming years in leaps and bounds.  


Shreedevi Chowdary is touted to be the only chip off the old block of South India for the Royal Fables Season 7. With Organza being the  core fabric of her fashion statement,   earlier seasons of her shows  included nets and khadis, which were extolled by India’s most-treasured and respected actresses, Zeenat Aman. Shreedevi Chowdary has taken the inspiration by watching Royal Highnesses Maharani Seetha Devi and Maharani Gayathri Devi which is why she has depicted  their lives nimbly in her trademark designs.  HRH Shreedevi Chowdary for Royal Fables Season 7 is all about Ikkats, Chanderis, Banares, Kanjeevarams, Khadis and Organzas that emblematize queenship. Baroque handiwork like Zardosi, Petit-point and sequins for the glamour elements  are the highlights of the season. Conventional weaves amalgamated with in-vogue silhouettes aggrandizes the pride. As Winters are blooming near, Shreedevi Chowdary accentuated on blissful and vibrant colors to enliven the festive essence. 




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