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Sridevi Was One of the Reasons I Became an Actor: Priyanka Chopra’s emotional tribute

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Sridevi Was One of the Reasons I Became an Actor: Priyanka Chopra’s emotional tribute



Sridevi passed away on Saturday in Dubai after suffering a cardiac arrest, as per initial reports. However, contrary to initial reports the autopsy report suggested that she died of accidental drowning in her bathtub in the hotel room. Traces of alcohol were also found in her blood.

Three days after she died in Dubai, actor Sridevi’s body has been brought to her home in Mumbai.

According to reports, actress  Priyanka penned an emotional tribute to Sridevi for an international magazine. She mentioned about her work in different languages and how she conquered hearts with her natural performances, Calling her India’s first female superstar, the Quantico actress said that Sridevi was born for the silver screen.

Priyanka also commends Sridevi’s remarkable ability to own each frame whether she was in a Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada or Malayalam film.

Normally shy and quiet, Sridevi blossomed under its gaze, delivering such depth in her performance that it would leave audiences breathless, wishing that their dance would never end, craving just a little more,” Priyanka wrote.

“Sridevi Kapoor shared an intimate relationship with the camera, and it loved her like no other, passionately capturing every aspect of that expressive face and her equally expressive frame,” Priyanka wrote in her tribute in the TIME magazine.

For “India’s first female superstar,” Priyanka wrote that Sridevi was a perfect amalgamation of “childlike” and sultry.

“Everyone wanted her and wanted to be like her. She could be childlike, grown up, funny, serious, beguiling, sexy—she was the ultimate actor. Sridevi leaves behind a legacy that will live beyond us all, a legacy built on the foundation of pure dedication, talent, hard work and a sprinkle of fairy dust that was showered on her by the Gods!,” Priyanka added.

Priyanka said Sridevi was one of the “big reasons” she became an actor. “She was my childhood, and one of the big reasons I became an actor. To refer to all of us as mere fans would be a disservice to her. When the news first broke of her passing, I was immobilized. All I could do then was listen to songs from her films, revisit her interviews and watch her iconic scenes over and over again. I knew I was not alone; millions were feeling that exact emotion of shock and loss. Her connection with the audience was so strong that that each one of us has special memories linked to her.”

Of her last memory of Sridevi, Priyanka wrote in TIME: “She left us too soon. My last memory of her is a red-carpet moment last December. In the frenzy of flashbulbs and whirring cameras, she pulled me into a tight hug and spoke lovingly and excitedly about her two daughters, Jhanvi and Khushi. Her family was her life. She left me feeling warm and fuzzy, and with a promise to meet again.”

“But angels don’t pass on. They just shine brighter in another realm—so I will always look out for her in the sky.

“Thank you for the magic, Sri ma’am. Forever your fan,” she ended her tribute.

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