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Srikanth Addala about the cast and making of “Brahmotsavam”

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srikanth addala cast making Brahmotsavam

Mahesh starrer ‘Brahmotsavam’ has a huge star cast in it. It has over 35 senior and in-demand artists. ‘Most of the scenes have almost all the artists in the frame. Managing their dates and getting their combined dates was the only challenge I have during the shoot. Apart from that, everyone worked for the film were sweet enough and did their best to pull the strings together for the project’ said Srikanth during a recent interview.
‘I was ready to wait till we get proper dates of the artists. Because I planned everything according to my script and the story goes around a rich family that is settled in Vijayawada. The son of the family (Mahesh babu) is on a search for more people from the family roots. Why he is searching for them and who are they is the whole story. So, there is no way I could manipulate the cast. They are very crucial in the story.’
‘Very few directors these days get a chance to work with such experienced artists. Mahesh was a problem solver many times when it comes to the dates of artists. I even wrote a song in this film for the first time. We needed the song immediately and all our writers were busy. So I had to sit down for the lyrics.’ Srikanth said with an exciting enthusiasm in his eyes. Brahmotsavam will be in theatres worldwide from tomorrow (20th May 2016)

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