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Srinagar disappointed with PM Modi

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The capital of Jammu & Kashmir, Srinagar has been hit with catastrophic floods in 2014 and every one in Srinagar were shattered by this natural calamity. When Prime Minister Modi campaigned in Srinagar before becoming the prime minister, he has assured to provide relief funds and rebuild the homes for the homeless. However, it has been a year and there is no help or aid from the government so far. Everyone’s thoroughly disappointed with Modi and his government has they had very high expectations on the prime minister of bringing a change in the state and for the victims of flood relief. But now they feel  that ‘nothing has changed’.

Most of the houses, streets, alleys and shops are still filled with remnants from the floods.  Rubble and broken pieces of wood lie in heaps. White bags of cement lie on top of each other in the midst of other building materials. There are signs of construction but relatively little building activity. Most of the shop owners except for a very few, do not have insurance and are completely splintered. Some people are slowly building one room at a time as and when they have money instead of waiting for air from government. Many of them sold their wives jewelry to have at least shelter in the form of a room or thatched house so that they can have a shelter during the harsh winters which is soon going to start in a couple of months.

Hope that the outcry and agony of these people from Srinagar reaches the prime minister and he does something really valuable and sensible to bring back their lost hopes and happiness in their pulverized lives.

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