Steamy kissing scenes between Ranbir & Deepika censored

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According o reports, Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone, would have a long and steamy kissing scene in their upcoming film Tamasha. However, the kissing scenes and a few one-liners from the movie has given the Censor Board, jitters. The sad news is, unfortunately, the kissing scene between Ranbir and Deepika from Tamasha has been deleted.

Censor Board has given Imtiaz Ali’s Tamasha a U/A certificate and has ordered five scene cuts. The scene cuts in Tamasha include the kissing scenes, adult themed one-liners and a few dialogues. The one-liners are tongue in cheek humour such as “Apna Haath Jagannath!” and “Din mein sister raat mein bistar” and a few more witty dialogues would be chopped off.

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