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Strange fog rattles flights across Europe

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On Monday, a large number of  flights were cancelled from London Heathrow, the continent’s busiest, and delays at key hubs including Amsterdam and Frankfurt as an unusually large blanket of thick fog descended on European airports. Euro-control, the European air traffic control organisation, said the opaque vapor also caused delays in Paris, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Berlin, Luxembourg and Brussels, though Britain was the worst affected.

The fog reduced visibility at Heathrow to less than 100 meters (328 feet), Britain’s Met Office said, while Euro-control said visibility in the Belgian capital also dropped to 100 meters.  Heathrow said around 45 flights had been cancelled, 10% of the total, while London City, Manchester, Leeds Bradford, Glasgow, Belfast and Cardiff airports all reported delays. Euro-control added there were a total of 122,000 minutes of flight delays across Europe due to bad weather and it is possible a number of the flights were not only delayed but actually cancelled.

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