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Student dies in Hyderabad due to school fight

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A tenth class student died on Wednesday following a fight at St Joseph’s School in King Koti. The student fought with one of his classmates at the basketball court in the school during their lunch break on Tuesday. The boy had brutal head injuries and died in a private hospital while undergoing treatment early on Wednesday.

The boy’s name is Mohammed Aamir Sidique studying in class 10th of section C. He got into a heated argument with another boy from section A of the same class. The argument led to fisting and Aamir was hit behind the head on the temporal area but by the time one of the staff members came to separate them, Aamir fell unconscious by then. Following the incident he was given first aid at the school by a nurse from the school dispensary and then was immediately rushed to the hospital. However the boy could not survive as the injury was big and that too on the temporal area.

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