According to the Lyons Radio, quoting a Tokyo message reported that Subash Chandra Bose was killed in an air crash off the coast of Japan. According to the Bangkok dispatch to the German News Agency said  that two leaders of the Indian community in Siam were killed in an aeroplane crash off Japan. They were en route to Tokyo to attend a conference of all Indians in the Far East.Mr. Subhas Chandra Bose lost his life when the plane in which he was flying to Tokyo to attend a “Free India Congress” crashed off the Japanese coast, according to a Tokyo message.With him were his adjutant and a number of other Indians.

 Out of the 11 persons, 4 members belonging to the Malaya Indian Goodwill Mission en route to Tokyo are believed to have been killed in a plane crash states the official Japanese News Agency. The plane, which had been chartered by the Army, was last reported on Tuesday heading towards Tokyo. No news had been received of the plane since nor have any traces of it been found despite an intensive search.