Subramanyam For Sale Review

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Starring : SaiDharamTej‬, ReginaCassandra‬

Director : HarishShankar‬

Producer : DilRaju‬

Music Director : MickeyJMeyer‬


Plot –
Subramanyam (Sai Dharam Tej) is an ambitious youngster from India who works in USA to earn dollars. He meets Seetha (Regina Cassandra) a Telugu girl, with a quite opposite mindset. The movie is all about how these two completely opposite people handle their relationship.

Positive Points –

1.Sai Dharam Tej’s high energy levels and acting needs a special appreciation.
2.Regina Cassandra looks adorable and is superb as Seetha. The chemistry and love track between the couple is endearing.
3.Situationally timed punch dialogues
4. Brahmanandam’s comedy is an additional asset to the movie.

Movie Mint Rating : 3.5


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