Sukumar : I want to quit directing films

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Sukumar say he is contemplating hanging up his director’s cap comes as a huge surprise. Looks like the filmmaker realised he “enjoys writing and producing” films more. “I realised my assistants can do a much better job of directing my stories,” he says smiling.

“I believe that the journey is more important than the destination. I’m so restless by nature that I haven’t been able to stick to a bound script while shooting. On the sets of the film I start improvising and as a result the film production time and budget get affected. It causes a lot of stress and as a result I’m not spending any time with my family. And it gets worse if the film bombs at the BO after all that effort,” he elaborates, adding, “Writing stories and working with ideas is what I enjoy the most. So that is what I hope to do.”


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