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‘Sulige Sikkidaaga’ all set for release

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Sandeep Malani, journalist turned offbeat film maker has traveled widely with his films ‘Jo Jo Laali, Jaan Leve 555’ in the recent past. He made short films from the House of Pandit. Now another timely short film of 40 minutes duration ‘Sulige Sikkidaaga’ is before the media.In the presence of Kalpana Pandit producer, actor and famous Bharatanatyam dancer, Sandeep Malani organized a special screening of the film at Sri Renukamba Digital theatre on last Saturday.The short film ‘Sulige Sikkidaaga’ is about film empowerment. The protagonist Kalpana affected with epilepsy faces difficult time after marriage and she takes up self reliant stand in her life.


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