Sunny Leone Charging ‘3 Crores’ for just a Pose

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Sunny Leone Charging '3 Crores' for just a Pose
Sunny Leone Charging ‘3 Crores’ for just a Pose


Sunny happens to be the brand ambassador for the Manforce condom company and they have come up with their official calendar with an exclusive photoshoot of Sunny.

Sunny-Leone-Pose-Manforce condom companyAs per latest reports, Man force condom company has paid Sunny Leone a whopping Rs 3 crores just for a pose. Sunny will reportedly be seen on the cover page of the new magazine of Man force. For this photoshoot, which lasted for just a few hours, Sunny pocketed a cool sum of 3 cr.







Even top Bollywood actresses have never pocketed this kind of amount for such a small job. Sunny’s popularity in the adult world of India, forced the company to shell the astronomical price demanded by her.

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