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Suriya Assaulted a Boy on Road? Case filed Against him.

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Actor Suriya is known not only for his tremendous acting but also for his active participation in social activities and charities.But opposing all that, there is a complaint lodged at Shastri Nagar Police Station, Chennai that the 31 year old actor has slapped a young boy on road who was arguing with a woman.
It cam a shock to the media and fans to hear about that. Getting in to the details, according to the reports and complaint, Prem Kumar and Lenin belong to the surroundings of Adyar, Chennai and are football players. On 30th May, Monday both were on their way to home riding a bike. Prem Kumar said he was sitting at the back while Lenin was driving. They hit a car from behind as they couldn’t control the bike at once. The driver of the car who is a middle aged woman got down from the car and started yelling at the boys for the rash driving. Suriya, who was passing by saw the incident got down from the car and questioned them for the reason why they are arguing with a lady on road. According to the boys, he slapped them without understanding their side of the story.
It became dramatic when the boys started saying it was the woman’s fault to get hit and Suriya assaulted them for no reason.
But according to the manager of the star, Suriya noticed a couple of guys altercating with a middle aged lady, stopped the car, reached them and inquired the reason. He informed the police about it and left the location immediately. He even left his assistant back there to take care of the lady till the police comes. But the boys changed the plot by the time Police reaches the location.
The boys have filed a compliant against the star saying they have been assaulted by Suriya. Facts are yet to be known and FIR is not registered yet. The actor didn’t talk about it yet.
This is probably the first ever controversy on Suriya so far.

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