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Swara Bhaskar Says She Was Molested During Salman Khan’s film Promotions

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Swara Bhaskar Says She Was Molested During Salman Khan’s film Promotions



Swara Bhaskar, a woman of strong words who has constantly portrayed characters with strength on screen, spoke about her encounters with molestation and how she never failed to stand-up against the incidents. She pointed out the importance of speaking up at such times as it is our silence which encourages molesters.

‘Anarkaali of Aarah’ actress Swara Bhaskar recollects a horrifying experience that she had to, unfortunately, face 2 years ago. During an interview with a leading media portal, she said, ” I have been groped during Prem Ratan Dhan Payo when we landed at Rajkot “.

Recalling the entire episode she revealed the details and said, ” I was travelling with Salman Sir and nobody realised, but there were around 2,000 people at the airport to see him. Despite the fact there was security, people got in and it was Anupam Kher who made sure I got into the car. It was crazy. As a female artiste, you know the feeling of being vulnerable in front of a crowd, which is why I connected with my character Anaarkali. You know that when we were shooting the Holi scene in Ranjhanaa, the production has put five boys from the AD team around us in that get-up, to protect us from the rest of the crowd “.

In the movie ‘Anarkaali of Aarah’, she portrays the character of a woman who is a victim of sexual assault and molestation, who is on the road to vengeance and seek revenge from those who made her go through this.

She also recollected one incident where she went on to slapping a guy after he pinched her.

In another incident, she recalled a drug addict who made a pass at her and the way she reacted is something that we all must take note of.

” I have beaten someone with my umbrella in Mumbai. I was in a train alone this was my first year in Mumbai going somewhere to collect a cheque. I was in the first-class compartment and it was in the late afternoon so it was empty. A drug addict got in and when I turned around, I see this man masturbating. For one second, I was scared. It took me a second to realise what was going on, I started yelling at him, and beating him with the umbrella. I tried to catch hold of his collar because I knew the moment the train stops, he will run. I knew I can get him to the police if I hold him back. But the moment the train slowed down, he realised I was holding him to get him to the police, and he jumped off from the other end of the compartment “, she revealed.

The actor also believes that as a society, we instill fear and guilt in the minds of our girl child. That is why often we see when such things happen around us, girls over think and take the blame on themselves for the crime they have not even committed or foreseen. “Frankly, Indian women inherit this collective cultural unconscious — this sense of guilt, shame and dishonour. I think Indian girls need to become shameless and a little selfish too. It’s not about individuals, it’s about girls in general. We need to lose that burden of guilt and that ‘haww’ feeling. That is the stupidest feeling ever,” she added.

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