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Taapsee Pannu Apologizes to filmmaker K Raghavendra Rao, watch video

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Taapsee Pannu Apologizes to filmmaker K Raghavendra Rao, watch video



Actress Taapsee Pannu made it to the headlines quite a few times in the recent past. She made a comment about director K. Raghavandra Rao’s signature trend in film-making, hitting women in the midriff with fruits to suggest sensuality. She spoke about her first film with him and about how she did not understand the sensual appeal in hitting her midriff with a coconut.

Taapsee posted a video on her social networking page and apologized to the director K. Raghavendra Raoand the Telugu audiences. Taapsee said in the video, “It is not in my upbringing that I will hurt anyone who has been such an important part of my journey. Raghavendra Rao garu is the reason why I am here in the industry in the first place, and I can never forget that. It’s just strange how everyone alleged that I insulted him, but I didn’t, I will never. So I really want to apologise if I have hurt anyone’s sentiment. But trust me, I did not intend to.”

Taapsee also clarified that her comments were not about K. Raghavendra Rao but herself. “It took me a little while to understand what was wrong in my comments because I thought that it was me I was making fun of – of how unfit I was for this industry and how I was so clueless about whatever was happening with me in the industry. I really wanted to make fun of myself and nothing else. I felt it is great if you can laugh at your own self. But in the process, if I have, by mistake hurt anyone, I am really sorry,” added Taapsee.

Actress Taapsee came out to clarify all these allegations against her. She explained she was referring to her filmy life when she made the comment and about how she rose to fame from a middle class girl. Taapsee apologized to the director and everybody else who was involved in this issue, clarifying this was just a misunderstanding.

She mentioned it was all thanks to Raghavendra Rao that she is in this position today. She concluded saying she had no intention of hurting anybody, she was just making fun of herself..

Watch the video here:

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