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Avantika Shetty is on a Signing Spree.

2015’s Rangitaranga got a lot of fame for everyone in the team. Especially the leading lady of the film Avantika

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‘Rangitaranga’ Team is Coming Back with ‘Rajaratha’

Last year’s surprising super hit Rangitaranga team is coming back with another interesting project. Titled as Rajaratha, the Anup Bhandari

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Anup Bhandari to work with Rakshith Shetty

Rakshit Shetty and Anup Bhandari are working on putting together a talent pool of sorts. “It is in the initial

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‘Rangi Taranga’ to complete 100 days next week

‘Rangi Taranga’ will complete 100 days next week. The movie has become a smash hit in Karnataka and US as

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‘Rangi Taranga’ director says action cut for Puneeth

Anup Bhandari, who gave a horror thriller movie ‘RangiTaranga’ to the Kannada audiences, will say action cut for Punneth Rajkumar. The

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Nirup Bhandari of ‘Rangi Taranga’ fame got engaged

Actor Nirup Bhandari after the super success of his debut movie ‘Rangi Taranga’ is once again in the limelight but

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