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Islamic State group held Chinese and Norwegian for hostage

The Islamic State group has said it was holding a Chinese and a Norwegian hostage and asked for an unspecified

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Somalia’s Al-Qaeda-Shebab group attacked African Union Army

A suicide car bomb was slammed into an African Union Army base in the early hours on Tuesday by Somalia’s Al-Qaeda-affiliated

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Mukesh Ambani becomes richest Indian again leaving behind Dilip Shangvi

Mukesh Ambani, the chairman of Reliance Industries Limited is the world’s wealthiest Indian again according to latest reports. He has

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Taliban confess confiding Omar’s death for over 2years

On Monday, the Taliban has confessed admitting that they have covered up the news of Mullah Omar’s death for over

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900 year old sculpture handed to Modi by Canadian PM

Canadian government has returned a 900 year old ‘Parrot Lady’ sculpture from Khajuraho to Prime Minister Narendra Singh Modi. Now

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A new record by Facebook

Facebook has set a new milestone in its track record of social media connectivity as one billion people around the

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US asks Uzbekistan to fight against Islam State

On Thursday, a US official reported that United States Of America has asked Uzbekistan to join the confederacy against the

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UK to make Modi’s trip ‘unforgetable’

The United Kindom is getting all prepped up to give the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Singh Modi an ‘unforgettable’ welcome.

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Former US president Jimmy Carter to be treated for brain cancer

The former US President, Jimmy Carter has been diagnosed with brain cancer for which he will be taking radiation treatment

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