Tang – The luckiest guy of the decade

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Tang – The luckiest guy of the decade

Let’s just say you are walking on a pavement and found a note of 20 bucks. What is the craziest thing that can run into? This guy from California was walking outside San Francisco International Airport with a friend on 26th Oct 2015 and found a $20 bill lying on the road. His name is Hubert Tang. He took it straight to the Andrea’s market in Millbrae and bought a couple of $10 ‘$1 Million Jackpot! Scratchers’ tickets from there.

He walked out of the store and scratched the ticket and he realized it’s the $1 million prize. He was surprised and said to his friend beside him ‘I don’t know if it is real but I guess I just won one million dollars’. They both ran into the store again and confirmed the win.

The winner declared that, ‘I work as a bar tender and I make enough for my living for now. So I don’t have any immediate plans to spend this prize money. I might save it up for now. I’ll think about it later what to do with it’.

The Lottery venders were happy too. Because Tang is not the only winner. The store will be gifted $5000 for selling the winning ticket. So this eventually made the day for a lot of people.

The excited winner has revealed his confession that he wants to leave $20 bills in random places to share his luck with others. He thinks it can spread his good fortune. How sweet!

By the way, the other ticket Tang bought had a chance of winning cash prize up to $25000 but it didn’t win anything. That’s ok. No regrets. He just won a huge number.

Are you thinking about the person lost that $20? I am thinking about the friend beside Tang there. What must be scrolling in his mind? He must be cursing himself for the lifetime for now picking up that $20.


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