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Teja makes a bold and blatant statement again

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The outspoken director of Tollywood, Teja has been in much news recently not because of his film ‘Hora Hori’ but for the kind of bold statements he is making on actors. It has been just a few days since he commented on Mahesh Babu stating that Mahesh and other actors  are adopting villages to get income tax deductions. Before the fire of this news got extinguished, in a recent interview with a news channel, he yet again made blatant statements on Tollywood actors calling them waste fellows and that they have absolutely no faithfulness and loyalty.

The director also  quoted that Telugu star heroes  should learn how to be faithful from Bollywood hero Salman Khan. He added on to say that Telugu stars are self-seeking persons. Until getting break, they spin around directors. But, when they  are in need or wish to speak to them on phone, these so called star actors simply discard them. They easily forget about those who gave them the stardom to enjoy. Well looks like the director is quite miffed off with the actors whom he worked with. Wonder who it was ?


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