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Teja’s next film is a sci-fi

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At present the ace director of Tollywood, Teja is promoting his youthful romantic-drama entertainer ‘Hora Hori’ staring new comers. The movie is getting ready for release next month and Teja has already planned the concept for his next film. It sure looks like he is going to try out a sci-fi thriller. May be he is tired and bored of romantic films. It has been reported from close source that he is doing an immense research on bionics and artificial intelligence. For this purpose, he has recently visited New York to get the nag of it.

Teja’s upcoming film  deals with the story of a young man who looses his hand and  leg in a tragedy and how he takes revenge against the badies  with the help of prosthetic hand-leg developed with the help of bionics. “Teja has been working on the script. It’s likely to be finalized soon,” said a source. For this sci-fi project, he will be roping new comers. He is working on the script and once everything gets finalized, he will make an official announcement regarding the film.

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