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Telugu film with a difference

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We are all familiar with Telugu blockbuster movies like Preminchukundam Raa, Shankardada MBBS, Eeswar to name a few. What is common about these movies? Well all these movies have been directed by the versatile director Jayanth Paranji. His last movie was Teen Maar in 2011 which did not fare well at the box office.

The director is planning to make a new movie that completely has an out of the box kind of a concept as he feels that Telugu audience need raw concept oriented movies rather than the regular masala  commercial movies. He claimed that his movie will not have any songs, glamour and romantic elements. It’s about a suspended cop who witnesses the atrocities of human traficking  and what he does to fight against this hideous system is what forms the nub of the story.

He says that this movie is neither an art film nor a commercial one but somewhat can be categorized as a mid path between both. He also proclaimed that he is tired of making movies with commercial elements and tailor made according to the actor rather than the script going with its own flow.

This definitely seems to be an experimental project. Time and the crux of the story line will decide if it would be accepted by the audience or not.

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